AI Shelf Recognition

A cutting-edge tool that combines the latest developments in IR and ensures the full scope of shelf recognition, including SKU, prices, competitors, and POSM. The ultimate quality of recognition in both online and offline modes guarantees quick and accurate shelf data collection. The realograms functionality and integration with Perfect Store provide sales team with real-time recommendations during a visit, while integration with BI Tool offers a back office with actionable insights.

for all visit's photos recognition
Offline-online mode
1+ week for new learnings
AI for smart photo capturing
Deployment expertise (2 months)
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Best in class in "Advanced Imaging Technology (IR/AR)"
POI 2023 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution

Business Tasks

  1. Makes shelf data collection faster and more accurate
  2. Provides automatic recommendations to improve Perfect Store execution
  3. Enables Guided Retail Execution
  4. Guarantees 97% data accuracy
  5. Helps to identify and fix OOS due to complete and real-time data
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Functional Components




Smart Camera




Guided Retail Execution & Perfect Store


Share of Shelf by producers

Share of Shelf by product category

SKU availability vs. targets

Price dynamic

Promotional prices

Planogram compliance

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Smart Camera

Establishes a process of correct photo taking without much efforts from a sales team

Can be integrated in a third-party SFA solution

Pixel 3a


Help sales personnel to quickly and accurately compare products on a shelf with a planogram

Eliminate inconsistencies and deliver accurate KPIs

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Guided Retail Execution & Perfect Store

AI Shelf Recognition and Perfect Store modules are integral part of SFA system SalesWorks that guarantee:

Automatic calculation of Perfect Store score

Automatic suggestions during the visit

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Using Shelf Recognition technology, we saved up to 30% of the time of our field force.

Sergey Novoselov

Front Line Director, Reckitt Benckiser

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