B2B e-Commerce

E-assistant is an application in which retail outlets can independently place an order online, receive and store all the necessary information, participate in motivational programs, and also give feedback in real time.

Sales without territorial restrictions
Orders placed 7/24
Direct communication with the outlet
Digital eco-system of the retail outlet

Business Tasks

  1. Increase in numerical distribution
  2. Reducing the cost of maintaining a retail outlet
  3. Remote work with the outlet
  4. Improving the quality of service at retail outlets
  5. Sales growth
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Functional Components


On-line Order


Personal Cabinet


Motivation Programs

On-line Order

Basket with the ability to edit the order (min\max order)


Price list

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Personal Cabinet

Order history and order creation based on previous activity

Payment history and accounts receivable

Delivery schedule

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Motivation Programs

Motivation of decision makers, improving the quality of presence leads to additional reward

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A sales representative spends 45% of their time on ordering. That means that, in fact, the technical function distracts them from the main purpose of the visit - to increase sales ... We get a complete digitalization of sales and a digital eco-system with the resulting support of each outlet.

Inga Panych

Director of Technology Department, AB InBev EFES