AI Shelf Recognition

A source of reliable and consistent data for real-time shelf management. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, shelf recognition allows you to see and analyze the shelf through the lens of the buyer. An ultimate quality of recognition, visual BI tool and most importantly – effective business processes is what helps AI Shelf Recognition to guarantee great results for business.

SFA system component
Saving time 30%*
Sales growth 5%*
Data accuracy 95%+*
Smart camera

*Data provided by clients

Business Tasks

  1. Improved accuracy and efficiency of audit data
  2. Accurate shelf information obtained from field team
  3. Reduced working time for audit
  4. Audit of standards of product display on the shelf and packaging design
  5. Improved efficiency of merchandisers
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Functional Components


Shelf Share


Price Monitoring


Assortment Matrix


Photos of the Visit

Shelf share

Faces, centimeters

Networks, regions, categories, periods

Own and competitors’ data


Dynamics of indicators

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Price monitoring

Average regular price for the specified period (own and competitive brands)

Average promotional price for the specified period (own and competitive brands)

Dynamics of price changes

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Assortment matrix

Compliance with assortment matrices (MUST lists, TOP lists) in the context of periods and outlets

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Photos of the Visit

Shelf share (facing, centimeters) by SKU, promo and price at each outlet

Photo of a relagrams for each specific visit

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Using Shelf Recognition technology we saved up to 30% of the time of our field force.

Sergey Novoselov

Front Line Director, Reckitt Benckiser, Russia

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