Smart Manager: All-in-One Tool for Dynamic Decision-Making

abril 14, 2022

We are happy to announce the launch of Smart Manager, the digital tool for remote management of sales teams and assigned territories. With Smart Manager, sales become data-driven, faster, and flexible.

Smart Manager is designed for bringing an instant connection to all the sales staff on field and providing the team with tasks, suggestions, and support in real-time. Thus, sales management in an organization can effectively execute field activities planning, workload allocation, control over Retail Execution, collecting insights, task setting, and feedback.

Smart Manager enables taking full control over sales with less effort. This tool helps to handle the following objectives:

  • Territory management and route planning for better workload allocation
  • Remote field audit to reduce travel cost
  • Consolidated territory, channel, and brand insights in real-time mode
  • Focus shift from monitoring and control to coaching and support of field teams
  • Task setting functionality and performance feedback forms
  • Better alignment and collaboration thanks to social capabilities

By equipping the business with Smart Manager, all sales personnel can ensure faster data-driven decision-making, real-time access to sales data, reduced time for physical control of employees, and actionable insights.

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