POI RetX State of Industry 2021-2022 Survey

julio 28, 2021

The main accelerator of the B2B industry is the exchange of experience and the best practices, between people, functions, and companies. As Enterprise IT systems have developed in isolation, so the creation of a hub and spoke solution is inevitable. This can lead to a ‘trial and error’ approach where mistakes are unavoidable and come at a huge cost. Nevertheless, the importance and challenges faced by the digitalization of FMCG sales all over the world still have much in common and sharing knowledge and solutions will help businesses to minimize the errors and costs as well as work with improved systems on a larger scale.

To this end SSBS invite you to take part in the survey for the POI RetX State of Industry 2021-2022 Annual Analytical Report: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2021-2022POIRetXSurvey.

The survey examines the IT tasks of FMCG businesses, identifies industry trends and best practices. This year, POI is expanding its annual industry study to focus on in-field point-of-sale (RetX – Retail Execution) best practice and the specific business protocols and challenges associated with it. Also, this time in the report you will gain access to the analysis of RetX in comparison with the last year and be able to see how focus is changing.

As a thank you for completing the 10-minute questionnaire, POI will provide you with an extended copy of the Report and 2 free registrations for the POI Summit of your choice (in Berlin, Germany or Chicago, Illinois). On completion you will gain access to unique insights about sales automation systems for global FMCG companies. We highly recommend it!

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