POI 2022 Vendor Panorama: SSBS Got 4 “Best-in-Class”

abril 28, 2022

The Promotion Optimization Institute has released the POI 2022 Retail Sales Execution Vendor Panorama based on the 2021-22 POI State of the Industry Survey. In this report, the POI studies not only the progress FMCG companies achieved, but also reveal challenges on the way to exceptional Retail Execution. For the last two years, CPG companies have experienced the following issues:

  • Data and insights not fully leveraged (64% of responders)
  • Limited data and insights (44% of responders)
  • Lack of retail execution technology (33% of responders)

According to the POI 2022 Vendor Panorama, many tech companies help retailers to overcome the mentioned challenges. We are honored that the POI named SSBS “best-in-class” in 4 categories.

  • Distribution Management
  • Gamification
  • Social Selling
  • Telesales


Here is what the POI identifies as a trend hallmark of SSBS:

“SoftServe has a proven record of establishing a vision based on innovation and then delivering. They began with data and data quality as the foundation and have built around that with AI and advanced algorithms to support a flexible approach to retail execution.”


You can read the full review of SSBS through the link.

We also recommend you to study the full POI report. To download the full POI Retail Sales Execution (RetX) Vendor Panorama, it is available as a gated report through POI’s membership portal:  https://poinstitute.com/membership or reach out to Joanie Malin [email protected]

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