New Smart Helper: IR, Perfect Store & Real-Time Guide

septiembre 5, 2022

Modern field sales tools facilitate in store tasks faster and more accurately than ever before. They have evolved to such an extent that the most advanced solutions provide interactive guidance and real-time data during the store visit. In our retail sales eco-system, we deliver these capabilities in our new product Smart Helper, which enhances the performance of other tech solutions. For instance, when integrated with AI Shelf Recognition, Smart Helper assists in-field teams to deliver KPI’s, Perfect Store and provides real-time insights and solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

Powered Retail Execution Experience with Smart Helper

All FMCG companies strive to deliver the perfect in-store presence, be that shelf position, number of facings, secondary displays, clear pricing and eye-catching POS. When all the variables are aligned customers are attracted and sales grow. So, it is key that these elements are consistently monitored, reviewed, and delivered in store.

With the use of SSBS’s Smart Helper, and its automated prompts, real-time insights and solutions, sales personnel can quickly and efficiently monitor and delivery Perfect Store requirements, whilst simultaneously freeing up time to achieve their all-important sales objectives. Smart Helper is a value-added tool that provides so much more:

  • Guided execution of complex Perfect Store plans
  • Integrates with Image Recognition for added benefits
  • Live feedback on KPI fulfillment at every step of the visit
  • Call to action to improve in-store presence during the store visit

Smart Helper integrated with AI Shelf Recognition

Smart Helper is a tool that can make the work with Image Recognition even more effective. When the field sales person has taken a photo of the shelf, Smart Helper will automatically generate real-time suggestions. This can take the form of anything from recommending how to arrange products on the shelf, potential promotion opportunities and notification of the wrong price tags to ensure Perfect Store delivery. All of this leads to 100% in store execution and helps drive business growth.

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