New Release: Interactive Calendar and Visualization.

enero 19, 2023

PromoTool is on a mission to become the most intuitive “few-clicks” platform for effective promo management and optimization on the market. According to POI survey 59%* of CPG companies globally find the promo planning process highly challenging. At SSBS we take this TPx community feedback very seriously. For our latest release we have worked on these challenges improving interactive calendar, promo focus functionality and landing pages.

1. New Interactive Promo Calendar

PromoTool Interactive Calendar is the management display that immediately visualizes all actions on the timeline and allows users to flexibly filter promotional activities. There are new UI colors, updated command buttons and improved icons that create a clear and intuitive workflow.
Now users can plan, create, adjust, analyze, and evaluate promo activities without the need to switch between forms in different directories. Promo calendar now allows the user to create a focus or promo activity in one click in the same form.

2. Promo Focus – Clear and reusable promo strategy or a template for end-users.

Promo Focus is a functionality for outlining promo high-level plans and guidelines/templates for KAMs who can then work on further planning and coordination of actions in other templates.
Added flexibility is provided by creating promotions from the Promo Focus, such as managing the number of promotions through a custom rule. Options for using Promo Focus as a template without restrictions on the start date of the focus have also been expanded. Now customers can reuse successful promo strategies from previous periods and with a few buttons run a new activity without re-entering all the data.

3. New Landing Page now configured by role

The holistic view of the new landing page will deliver insights into where spending sits today and how promo campaigns perform (e.g. ROI) at a brand/tactics, category, channel, customer, or even country level. This is now a fully configurable KPIs, customizing dashboards and mini graphs allow the user to build their own landing page for better visualization, personalization and tracking of the most critical processes

* – 2022 POI State of Industry Report.

Independent expert review of PromoTool in the POI 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama can be found here.

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