New AI Shelf Recognition: 5 Sec, Realograms, and Offline

mayo 3, 2022

A superior computer vision is essential for ensuring competitive sales. Today, image recognition capabilities are closely connected to high business results in FMCG, and companies should adopt the latest developments in IR to stay in the frontline. SSBS updated our AI Shelf Recognition so that now it recognizes photos of visits in less than 5 seconds, covers a complete scope in retail, and works uninterruptedly in offline mode.

Here are the new updates for AI Shelf Recognition that guarantee significant sales improvements.

Fast & Full-Scope of Recognition with 5-second Photo Processing

We enhanced AI Shelf Recognition with new types of neural networks, and now 76% of photos are processed in less than 5 seconds. Sales staff can take pictures in stores, obtain results immediately, and act fast based on the results. The speed of photo recognition depends on smartphone version, CPU, and RAM size, etc. – the better a smartphone is, the faster the sales representative or merchandiser will get the result.

Not only SKUs but also prices, competitors’ products, POSM can be recognized with 97% accuracy. This helps to quickly obtain as much data about products on a shelf as possible. There are numerous products that are hard to recognize because of packaging designs and damages. Updated AI Shelf Recognition can process images of different complexity in a few seconds and provide accurate results.

Automated Assistance with Realograms

The latest update of AI Shelf Recognition allows sales personnel to take pictures from devices and compare products on the shelf with a planogram. Realograms help to quickly identify inconsistencies and eliminate them and increase KPIs.

Image recognition can be integrated with Perfect Store for real-time recommendations. With realograms, the field force gets automated assistance and evaluates the implementation of Perfect Store standards without leaving a POS.

Reduced Cost and Time with Offline Mode

Offline image recognition is a new industry standard as it assures uninterrupted work in field. With an offline IR functionality, AI Shelf Recognition processes images on mobile devices regardless of internet connectivity, reduces the cost of transactions, and makes task completion possible under any circumstances.

Offline recognition advantages:

  • unlimited number of pictures
  • real-time recognition and results calculation during the visit
  • high speed of recognition on the latest devices

The Latest IR Update: Exceeding Expectations

AI Shelf Recognition is a unique tool that combines the latest standards in IR. It covers the whole scope of retail execution and optimizes work in retail. The latest updates of this tool ensure better planogram compliance, Perfect Store and promo execution.

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