Help for Military Hospitals and Army

mayo 19, 2022

From the very beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, SSBS community has reorganized our Charity Foundation for the military needs. Through joint efforts, SSBS provided medical supplies for 7 military hospitals and supported the military by providing safety equipment for over 17 military bases.

At the same time, we continue to work effectively and take care of employees.

SSBS managed to raise over UAH 6,5 million to help Ukraine and provide:

  • 1,300 external fixation devices and neurosurgical implants
  • safety equipment for soldiers in over 17 military bases in 7 different regions
  • 1 off-road car and 1 motorbike
  • 10 thermal monoculars and night visions cameras
  • medical supplies to 7 military hospitals and individual First-Aid Kits for 50 soldiers
  • а lot of various aid were sent to cities in the line of fire

We continue to raise funds for the essential needs of our defenders and everyone who contributes to the Ukrainian victory in this war.

Glory to Ukraine!

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