AI Driven Data Platform

julio 6, 2022

Digital transformation is a necessary disruption for modern businesses. You either equip your internal and external processes with AI, ML, data science, and other tech solutions or your organization becomes a thing of the past. Today businesses deal with so much data, that it’s extremely time-consuming and expensive to analyze and transform them into actionable insights. Teams need to collect data manually from different sources, which makes the results of such work unreliable.

One of the solutions for digitalizing your business is an innovative data platform that includes complete data across the organization and could be scaled up as your organization grows. Data Platform by SSBS comprises tools that guarantee quick and smooth data transformation into insights.

AB InBev Case: AI Driven Data Platform

BrewDat is a data platform developed for AB InBev that consolidates and simplifies data from across all departments worldwide within the organization. SSBS developed the platform, powered by ML and AI, to ensure it obtained various types of data and information, including data about the smallest business operation and the information that has a macro impact.

Data Platform by SSBS comprises a set of tools that guarantee quick and smooth data transformation into valuable business insights, helps build knowledge and aid quick decision making. The data platform that evolved works as a focal point for the integrated digital ecosystem that connects all the processes for internal and external teams and allows each team to extract accurate and time-relevant data.

Data platform can improve sales performance by over 200%. For instance, the automation of customer segmenting and the creation of a hitlist for launching new SKUs on the data platform ensured 240% improvement in sales performance due to:

  • Actionable insights
  • Predictive analytics
  • Near real-time processing
  • Granular analysis
  • Consolidated data
  • Reusable solution

Intelligent Automation and New Level of Efficiency

The creation of a data platform for organizations enables reaching a new level of efficiency. Thanks to consolidated data, an organization can reduce the time for data collection, cleansing, and transformation to focus on what’s important – improving processes within an organization and boosting sales.

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