4 Best Practices of Digital Transformation from Unilever

diciembre 5, 2022

Every company is unique and have their own experience on their digital transformation journey. One of our clients, Unilever Ukraine, shared their story of success, learnings, and best practice at a recent webinar.

Unilever has a very diverse business, they operate in many product categories, with multiple brands in each, hundreds of SKUs, with many promo activities running simultaneously. Building data-driven sales operations and the deployment of new technologies for such a large and diverse business presented a double challenge.

The advanced practice of digital transformation begins with a well-established foundation. This foundation requires accurate, complete, real-time data that enables all route-to-market business interactions to analyze and utilize real-time information from the outlet. Once enough good quality historical data is available then ML & AI can be used to improve system performance even further.

4 Best Practices of digital transformation from Unilever Ukraine:

  1. Digital Transformation should be seen as part of a long-term strategic plan
  2. Choose a Vendor who will work proactively, and will challenge your business
  3. Key user satisfaction is crucial, as this will lead to system usage and adoption
  4. Continuous improvement of business outcome should be a key measurable objective

Business results for Unilever:

  • The right data available at the right time enhanced decision making
  • Field force performance improvement
  • Post evaluation of promo and motivation programs
  • Cost of sales management
  • 98% accurate, real-time data with maximum granularity
  • DMS – key source of data for enterprise Data Lake

Unilever Ukraine Case was presented by Taras Kubay Customer Development Excellence Lead at SSBS’ webinar in October 2022.

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