2021 POI RetX “best-in-class” in 4 categories!

mayo 12, 2021

Exciting news! Eco-system of SoftServe Business Systems products was recognized as “best-in-class” in 4 categories in POI Retail Sales Execution Panorama 2021!

Our 2021 RetX Badges of Excellence are:

  • Distributor Management;
  • Virtual Calls/Telesales;
  • Social Selling*;
  • Gamification.

Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) is an authoritative industry agency that analyzes global Retail Execution and Trade Promotion solutions, highlights industry trends and studies the technology needs of FMCG (CPG) business.

SSBS Retail Execution key differentiators were highlighted as: flexible vision to Retail Sales Execution; the ability to manage and align data from multiple sources; POS decision makers ability to interact with producers through different channels seamlessly (FSF, B2B e-Commerce, B2B TeleSales) and gamification.  See the SoftServe Business Systems excerpt here.

* Harnesses the power of the team to improve outcomes.

To download the full POI Retail Sales Execution (RetX) Vendor Panorama, it is available as a gated report through POI’s membership portal:  https://poinstitute.com/membership or reach out to Joanie Malin [email protected]

Joanie Malin can help you with POI Membership:

  • Access to the POI RetX report;
  • Authorization of upcoming POI virtual and in-person events including the POI Global Spring Virtual summit, May 25-26, 2021;
  • Access to the POI Manufacturer Connect Share Group and much more.

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