ROI of FMCG Sales Digitalization

When Jul 21, 2021 | Empieza en 10:00 UTC+00:00

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julio 7, 2021

Before any company embarks on their sales digitalization journey it is normal to seek out case studies of other companies experiences to help understand their experiences. This allows their key learnings to act as a guide and benchmark for your own expectations and objectives.

With this in mind, on July 8, 2021, a webinar called “ROI of FMCG Sales Digitalization” was held. At this event Konstantin Shikin, Business Development Director of SoftServe Business Systems, talked about best practice for digital transformation, and shared some of his customers post implementation experiences.

To provide some context, SSBS has a suite of 9 sales enhancing products that can integrate with each other and exchange data in a single eco-system:
DMS – Distribution Management; SFA – Field Team Management; TPM – Promo actions optimization; IBP – Integrated Business Planning; B2B TeleSales – telephone sales; B2B e-Commerce; Gamification; AI Shelf Recognition; BI – Business Intelligence.

The outcomes of the business cases presented by leading companies who implemented some or all of the eco-system of products is impressive. Some highlights were shared by these well-known FMCG companies and can be viewed below:

  •  JDE (CIS countries, Mongolia and Serbia), the results of which: – 7% reduction in office structure; – 20% optimization of the number of routes; + 20% increase in coverage; – 30% reduction in the number of distributors.
  • Henkel, Consumer Adhesives (Russia and Belarus) with the results: -26% of the sales staff without losing the result in terms of sales; + 10% increase in the efficiency of the entire structure (internal assessment); 98% data quality.
  • AB Inbev (Russia and Ukraine): + 12% increase in sales (B2B e-Commerce); – 6% reduction in the cost of visits (B2B e-Commerce); + 4.8% increase in sales (B2B Telesales); – 38% reduction in logistics costs (B2B Telesales).
  • Reckitt Benckiser (Russia, Ukraine – Eco-system, European Countries – Shelf Recognition): + 88% increase in the number of visits; – 60% reduction in merchandising costs; – 30% reduction in time for audit of the shelf in the POS (Shelf Recognition).

Please follow the link to view the full recording of Konstantin Shikin’s presentation (in Russian):

If you would like to discuss how SSBS can assist your business in transforming your sales processes with our digital eco-system please contact Trevor Lane, Business Development Director, +44 (0) 7918 648326, [email protected].

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