Reckitt Case: Digital Sales Eco System, IR and superior results

When Sep 23, 2021 | Empieza en 10:00 UTC+00:00


Language Английский

septiembre 23, 2021

SoftServe Business Systems has been a strategic partner of Reckitt Russia in sales digitalization technologies and data harmonization since 2013. During this time a single sales eco system was created that connects key sales processes, such as distributor management, retail execution, sales force automation, analytics and data management.
Reckitt is also one of the most successful digital transformation case studies that delivered excellent results for the business. Some key results directly related to the project are:

– 60% cost reduction of sales force automation

– 30% less time spent on shelf audit

+ 88% increase in number of visits done by field force

For an insight into how these results were achieved please watch video of the Reckitt Case that was presented at ECRTag Event in Berlin. Many thanks to Sergey Novoselov, Front-line Director, Reckitt Russia for presentation.

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