FMCG Digitalization: The Route to Increased Sales

When Oct 7, 2022 | Empieza en 06:00 UTC+00:00

Where Zoom Platform


septiembre 16, 2022

Today advanced technology helps to transform business processes and expand the capabilities of FMCG companies in the battle for competitive advantage. The deployment of innovative digital solutions will help a company to accelerate the work in retail, increase sales, and reduce costs.

Our client cases prove that such systems as Sales Force Automation (SFA), Image Recognition, B2B e-Commerce & Telesales, and Distributor Management System (DMS) ensure the following results:

  • 41% increased order frequency
  • 88% increased field force visits
  • 60% reduced cost per visit
  • 30% accelerated shelf task completion

We invite you to the webinar, where we will talk about a case of digital transformation to increase the efficiency in retail, automate shelf work and optimize operational processes with SFA and DMS. And our client Taras Kubay, Customer Development Excellence Lead at Unilever, will share his experience of working with these technologies and tell how the company increased business results thanks to the implementation of SoftServe Business Systems products.

On the agenda:

  1. SoftServe Business Systems product ecosystem for digital transformation
  2. Shelf work automation thanks to AI Shelf Recognition
  3. Digital transformation of sales at Unilever. Best practices and business results

Please register for the webinar in advance.

Look forward to seeing you!

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