AB InBev: Digitally Transforming the Holistic Enterprise

When Apr 27, 2022 | Empieza en 00:00 UTC+00:00

Where Chicago

Language English

abril 13, 2022

On April 27, Promotion Optimization Institute, a global industry authority will hold Spring Hybrid Summit in Chicago, a fundamental event for the FMCG industry. SSBS and AB InBev will present the case of digital transformation and the creation of a single digital ecosystem.

We highly recommend POI events as digital transformation is the only solution for FMCG companies that strive to stay in the FMCG frontline of fast-paced technological changes. It is impossible to compete with large-scale FMCG companies without an innovative approach.

An FMCG company adopts numerous tech solutions into its sales processes. In order to improve their impact on a business, all technologies must be integrated into a holistic digital system. Thus, sales personnel would have a single source of data for data-driven decision-making.

SSBS helps FMCG companies, including AB InBev, follow the path of digitalization. A digital sales ecosystem powered by the latest technology boost sales, decrease cost, and make sales results skyrocket. And we will share our methodology and clients’ business results at POI Chicago Summit 2022. If you want to move towards the future of FMCG, you can see the POI Summit agenda and get a complimentary pass to the event by the link.

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