ROI of FMCG sales digitalization

When Jul 8, 2021 | Empieza en 10:00 UTC+00:00

Where Zoom Platform

junio 30, 2021

Webinar “ROI of FMCG sales digitalization” for those who want to move from technology implementation to digital transformation of sales.

We will discuss the business results of digital sales transformation in the context of the successful client case of Progress (FrutoNyanya brand), the latest consumer trends from GfK, as well as a ready-to-execute digital transformation checklist from SoftServe Business Systems.

Digital transformation of sales processes can create a very strong competitive advantage in the market. This is the flexibility of the structure, the speed of reaction to market changes, cost reduction, making correct and timely decisions. Technology adoption is just the beginning of digital transformation. We are implementing a digital transformation of sales for the 100 largest FMCG businesses and see our role in systematizing industry best practices and sharing experiences.

Our digital transformation checklist:

  1. Single digital sales system.
  2. 100% data quality.
  3. Reengineering of business processes.
  4. Perfect execution at the POS.
  5. Commercial feasibility.
  6. Effective promo activities.


  • Best Practices for Digital Transformation – New Data Driven Business Models. Speaker: Konstantin Shikin, Business Development Director, SoftServe Business Systems
  • Building a single digital sales system. Experience of the Progress company, FrutoNyanya brand. Speaker: Tatiana Miroshnichenko, Head of Analytics Department, PROGRESS JSC
  • PromoTool 2.0: new product features based on artificial intelligence. Speaker: Kirill Vitvitsky, PromoTool product owner, SoftServe Business Systems
  • Latest trends. Brands-drivers of growth of the FMCG market in Russia. Speaker: Victoria Kovalenko, Consultant, Consumer Panel Department, GfK Russia

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