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mayo 21, 2021

We invite to the Gamification webinar Retail companies that are ready to say “no” to mediocre sales results and start to maximize their capabilities.

We all know how important KPIs are to improve performance. Many have also seen how the team comes alive from awards, ratings and motivational programs. But this is definitely not the limit of how employees’ potential can be unleashed.

The results for the business of our clients are incredible: Unilever, Henkel, AB InBev Efes, Perfetti van Mille and others: up to 13% sales growth, up to 40% improvement in KPIs, 695% ROI of implementation, 70% of employees involved and 5 years after the launch of the project!

Innovative companies and those who are not satisfied with the average results have been using gamification for a long time: Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Forbes, Starbucks, etc.

Gamification mechanics will help to unleash the potential of sellers, use their external and internal motivation, and help to gain access to their own resources. Imagine how the visibility of each other’s online sales results, team performance, tournaments and challenges and, of course, the element of entertainment in routine functions will affect sales consultants. Also, a single platform for all motivational programs, automation of calculations, analysis of engagement and effectiveness is important.


  1. How the Gamification IT platform solves business problems. Speaker: Vitaly Berezhnoy, Business Development Expert, SoftServe Business Systems.
  2. Best Gamification Practices to Increase Sales Consultant Sales. Speaker: Ilya Kurylev, Founder of the Gamification Now studio, Expert in the development of the Gamification concept.
  3. Client case of Perfetti Van Melle. Speaker: Ruslan Gainutdinov, Personnel Training and Development Manager for Russia and the CIS, Perfetti Van Melle.

Participation is free!

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