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Intermediate Android Engineer


Location All Ukraine

Job Category Software Development

Level Intermediate


SoftServe Business Systems was founded in 2003. As for a product company, our primary goal is to create innovative technologies for increasing the efficiency of sales and other business processes of our customers, helping them not only to keep up with the times but sometimes to stay ahead of it. We are a company focused on production and maintenance of software, innovations, and services for the FMCG market. Among our 100 customers, we can mention Unilever, JDE, AB InBev, Efes Henkel, Nestle, Danone from 10 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We are looking for a professional or someone who can become one, who will be inspired by our ambitious goals and ideas. Someone who will be able to share the values of our company and become a reliable partner for his team.


  • 2+ years of commercial experience
  • Knowledge of Android SDK
  • Understanding the relational DB model, SQL syntax
  • Understanding standard collection mechanisms
  • Multithreading
  • Understanding Design patterns



  • Java/Kotlin
  • Android
  • SQLite
  • ARCore/OpenGL


  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • TFLite


  • Product development on Java/Kotlin
  • Development of a solution for image recognition by neural networks on a mobile device (online/offline)
  • Development of a mobile solution using technologies ARCore + Neural, Network/TFLite and visualization of image recognition results using OpenGL


  • Experience in version control systems

Please send your RESUME/CV to the email address:

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