Thrive When External Forces Shake Your Business

May 12, 2022

On April 27-29, SSBS took part in the POI Spring Hybrid Summit in Chicago and had the chance to share our story about running our business during the war in Ukraine when everything turned upside down in a second.

Facing this unprecedentedly powerful threat demonstrated who we are as humans and as an organization and what kind of partners we are to our clients. Neither our clients nor us did not expect this war to happen but there were almost no delays in deployments even on the first week of the invasion.

Stanislav Shaydarov, Tomasz Kozlowski, and Anna Liubymova uncovered how SSBS managed to keep the business going, faces challenges connected to disruptions in work because of the war, and resolved them.

Vital Potlatov from AB InBev, our partners, joined us to give more details about how the company helps Ukrainians and how SSBS and AB InBev managed to assure that our cooperation continues with results.

See the full video presentation by SSBS below.

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