POI State of Industry 2022

March 4, 2022

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Today, technologies are evolving at incredible speed, and FMCG companies must keep up to stay competitive. The Promotion Optimization Institute navigates companies through a dynamic technological change, spots weaknesses, and highlights progress. Besides all, POI publishes the State of Industry Report based on the fundamental global FMCG survey.

The State of the Industry Report 2022 shows how FMCG companies progress in their digital transformation journey, they apply artificial intelligence, image recognition, augmented reality, telesales, and other technologies to improve trade effectiveness. Trade Promotion Management, Trade Optimization, and Post Event Analytics have now become an integral part of working out the way to stay competitive, increase company visibility, improve responsiveness and partnership with retailers, and meet customer needs. And when combined in a holistic ecosystem, technologies bring even greater business results.

However, to ensure a smooth digital transformation, companies need to focus on tech trends, data cleanliness and management, predictive and prescriptive analytics, promotion optimization, advanced revenue growth management among many other practices to not only stay in the flow but also be able to ensure a solid future of the business. Once FMCG companies aim their attention at these tactics, they can excel as industry leaders.

Study POI State of Industry Report to learn crucial insights for the future of your business.

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