POI RGM Benchmark Survey

June 22, 2022

Pandemic-driven changes in consumer behavior, rising prices for commodities, and inflation pose new challenges in capturing more value from RGM. CPG companies must adapt to new market rules, and embrace new strategies and innovative technologies to have a competitive advantage.

The Promotion Optimization Institute helps CPG companies focus on the core RGM capabilities, identify weak and strong points of RGM strategies, and suggests the latest tools and systems to ensure revenue growth. The POI collects all these insights in the State of Industry Report for CPG companies to set out on the road of advancements.

And this is why the POI invites you to complete RGM Benchmark Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2022-23POIRGMSURVEY

This survey studies integral aspects of RGM such as strategies, tools, systems, and analytic capabilities as well as organization, people, and process. With this information put into the report, CPG companies can decide what RGM approach to take to enable generating additional percentage points in return on sales.

We highly recommend spending 15 minutes on this survey! Plus, you will get an advanced copy of the State of the Industry Report upon release and 2 complimentary registration passes for the POI Summit in November 2022 in Dallas.

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