POI 2023 RetX Vendor Panorama: SSBS Received 4 “Best-in-Class” Distinctions

April 25, 2023

The Promotion Optimization Institute released the POI 2023 Retail Sales Execution Vendor Panorama, announcing Best-in-Class solutions in specific capability categories. SoftServe Business Systems have been recognized with the following 4 Best-in-Class distinctions:

  • Advanced Imaging Technology (IR/AR): SoftServe’s Shelf Recognition technology that uses images as proof of shelf conditions and calculates KPIs based on actual store conditions is awarded Best-in-Class.
  • Analytical Insights: SoftServe’s solutions are Best-in-Class in processing data from multiple sources and deliver directional guidance, insights, and recommendations to the user.
  • Guided Selling Best-in-Class Distinction: SoftServe’s eco-system is Best-in-Class in utilizing advanced mathematical and AI/ML algorithms to process enormous amounts of data to uncover trends, identify growth opportunities, and determine store and activity prioritization.
  • Distributor Management Best-in-Class Distinction: SoftServe’s Distributor Management solution is Best-in-Class in enabling consumer product organizations and wholesale distributors to deliver their products from any source to any customer via optimum routes, with end-to-end traceability and automated route suggestions.

The POI Retail Sales Execution Vendor Panorama report is conducted on an annual basis, and SoftServe Business Systems is grateful for the impartial recognition provided. This kind of third-party recognition really motivates us and drives our actions to continue of the same path. We’re also grateful to our valuable clients who are helping us to build excellent solutions by providing continuous feedback and support.

For many years, the Promotion Optimization Institute has brought together vendors and market representatives with the specific objective of collaboratively improving enterprise planning and the promotion and distribution of consumer goods. The Retail Sales Execution Vendor Panorama report is a deep-dive evaluation that aims to determine industry trends and examine every aspect of vendor solutions.

To learn more about SoftServe Business Systems’ recognition and its solutions, please follow the link. To get access the full report on the POI Membership page and/or to email request to [email protected].

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