New SalesWorks: Real-Time Sync, Superior Customization, ISO 27001/02

January 21, 2022

As technology evolves at supersonic speed, FCMG companies need constant improvement of tools to optimize the work of field sales personnel. The latest updates of SalesWorks ensure a more flexible and secured work process. We made it possible for field workers and supervisors to share the data from visits faster and customize visit activities. We also delivered improved the “Reference Data” section and came closer to better security standards.

Take a detailed look at the new SalesWorks capabilities below.

Flexible Cooperation with Real-Time Synchronization

With a new release of SalesWorks, you do not need to manually synchronize your data after each visit. To keep your colleagues updated, you can set up automatic synchronization, and SalesWorks will share visit details for you.

Just enable the “Synchronize without confirmation” option in settings, and your photos, visit activity, coordinates, and other important data will be automatically imported to the system when your phone is connected to the Internet.

Relevant Visit Details with Superior Customization

Now SalesWorks allows sales representatives, merchandisers, and supervisors to customize “Reference Data” and “Surveys” sections.

For instance, if you are a merchandiser and do not need to track clients’ depts, your supervisor can just hide this section from “Reference Data”. Any section in the app’s main menu can be hidden or displayed in accordance with the tasks an employee should perform.

Same thing with “Surveys”. Now more tedious scrolling through irrelevant tasks. Set up the “Surveys” section for any role and leave only important visit activities for either a sales representative or a merchandiser.

Improved Security with ISO 27001/27002

We strive to ensure all the security measures for our clients to protect sensitive data. So, we comply with the International Organization for Standardization requirements and set rules for user passwords. All sales personnel must create powerful passwords so that no one can steal the data from SalesWorks. This is how any business owner can leave his worries about data protection behind.

New release: Enhanced features for improved sales experience

A new release of SalesWorks gives the opportunity for sales representatives, merchandisers, and supervisors to execute their daily tasks faster and focus on what’s important. Thus, sales personnel bring their work to a higher level.

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