From Excel to AI Optimized Promo

February 1, 2023

Why do 83% of leading FMCG companies still use Excel to manage their trade efficiency even after deploying TPO and AI RGM platforms? The answer is that millions of $’s invested in IT tools won’t help to achieve promo optimization without a well-established foundation and core data as the backbone. Looking for fast and automatic data processing opportunities, pay attention to the AI-Optimized Promo. More on this is below.

AI-optimized promo benefits

SoftServe Business Systems has deployed hundreds of systems for leading multinational FMCG companies and believes that a successful TPO foundation comprises:

  • Data quality. The main goal is to ensure 98% data accuracy. This data quality measurement can help organizations identify errors that need to be addressed and assess whether the data in their IT systems are fit for purpose.
  • Enthusiasm and user participation. This proven metric has changed the business world and is now the go-to metric for customer experience management programs worldwide. >30 Net Promoter Score (NPS) means that the Key account managers (KAMs) perform their daily tasks more efficiently. This technology will be fully utilized and become the primary source of all data needs.
  • The connection between TPx and Retail Execution. You can implement this tool as a seamless part of the business ecosystem. In this way, you can ensure that the consumer goods company’s overall brand and advertising strategy is realized in the store.
  • Fully adopted and used TPM. Trade Promo Management is a basis for TPO and RGM solutions.

Why consider TPx PromoTool by SSBS

SoftServe Business Systems PromoTool is driven by the concept of End User Centricity, which ensures quick and easy deployment and adaptation to the user. A convenient and KAM-friendly interface motivates users to transfer all promo activities from the familiar Excel to one powerful and flexible business tool. In addition, companies will store all data in one place and make it available for AI/ML analytics, predictions, and optimization.

Using this tool, you will get:

  • Best-in-class data management and integration experience
  • Convenient KAM-friendly interface similar to Excel
  • Flexible configuration for mature and emerging markets
  • Award-winning TPx features
  • A unique and comprehensive deployment experience
  • Hassle-free integration with Retail Execution.

Moving to AI Optimization

AI Enhanced Promo Optimization and RGM provides strong competitor advantage for FMCG companies, helping them to find better solutions how to invest in trade. But to make those decisions trustful and correct, businesses must create strong link between advanced cutting-edge technologies and routine business processes, performed by employees every day. SoftServe Business Systems PromoTool uses artificial intelligence, big data, and advanced analytics, but also helps to create such core link providing strong set of TPM functionality, convenient user interface and deployment expertise. It helps our customers to keep all promo functionality and all promo data in one place and create strong basis for moving from excel to AI/ML promo optimization.

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