JDE: +20 coverage and +7% optimization of office structure

October 20, 2020

We thank our client Roman Dulesov, Sales Director, LARMEA, JDE for sharing a very successful example of building a holistic sales digitalization system with SalesWorks Enterprise Products.

🔝Implementation goals:
1️⃣Integration of functions into one tool (full integration of internal storage, distributors and ERP): catalogs, routes, goals, results;
2️⃣Optimisation of the number of employees;
3️⃣On-the-go correction and audit;
4️⃣Acceleration of cascading goals and aggregating results;
5️⃣A single source for the sales department; customer service & demand planning; finance; HR payroll/Admin.

🚀Results for the business:
7% optimization of the office structure;
20% increase in the number of routes of trade agents;
20% growth in coverage with a stable number of merchandisers;
30% reduction in the number of distributors;
99% data accuracy.

💡Solution Components:

  • DMS: Integration of distributors;
  • SFA: Mobile application for sales representatives;
  • Supervisor Module: calendar of activities, field support;
  • BI Tool: Analytics, dashboards, Insights;
  • Deduplication: Data cleansing;
  • Promo / CS tool.

For the full case (in Russian) please visit the link.

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