Gamification for Banking and Telecom Industries

When Feb 18, 2022 | start at 07:00 UTC+00:00

Where Zoom Platform

Language Russian

February 18, 2022

The banking and telecommunication industries get the most out of KPIs and employee motivation programs. But we know that you can make a further step to increase productivity within teams, and this step is gamification and integration of motivation programs into a single system.

Our clients share the incredible business results of implementing our gamification: up to 13% of sales growth, up to 40% of improvement in KPIs, 81% of employee loyalty.

We invite you to the webinar on gamification to uncover how it helps reveal employee productivity, promotes engagement, and motivates staff to achieve even better results.

Our gamification has the following mechanics: rankings, tournaments, challenges, team performance, awards. All these mechanics are aimed at inspiring and encouraging employees, as well as creating healthy competition between departments. And a single platform for motivation programs will optimize management by automating calculations and analyzing engagement and efficiency.

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