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When Jun 10, 2022 | start at 00:00 UTC+00:00

Where Berlin

Language English

June 7, 2022

We are very proud to be a part of the digital transformation team of AB InBev Europe which is on the mission of creating genuine business value from data, new tech, and innovations.

Alongside with AB InBev, SSBS had the chance to create a digital ecosystem that pushes sales efficiency and allows the company to build strong relationships with partners and consumers. The purpose of this ecosystem is to ensure a perfect experience at all stages of the journey.

To digitalize relationships between the business and its consumers at scale, we united 3 process components into a single ecosystem:

  1. ABI Cloud (internal processes)
  2. Customer Cloud (wholesales partners and customers)
  3. Consumer Cloud (direct relationship with consumers)

Now that a new E2E ecosystem connects all processes and provides the business with accurate data & insights for effective sales and marketing, it shifts the business toward a direct-to-consumer sales model. Our E2E ecosystem makes it possible for AB InBev to move forward and create new values for sales and services, namely:

  • Digitalizing RTM
  • Market-leading data acquisition and analysis
  • Ensuring more effective sales and marketing
  • Getting new customers and consumers

By following a digital transformation journey, AB InBev managed to maximize business results by leveraging data, ensuring more automation, and focusing on the right activities at the right time. Thus, AB InBev grew sales by:

  • Covering 20 markets
  • Generating more than 20 billion in gross merchandise value
  • Getting 17 million of direct-to-consumer sales

Want to know more about AB InBev new ecosystem? Leave your e-mail to get free access to a video presentation from POI European Summit 2022.

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