Sales Force Automation

Sales Works SFA is a powerful tool which gives a complete picture of sales, stock and relevant retail data in one place. Advanced features like AI Shelf Recognition, Dynamic Route Optimization, In-Flight Analytics improve field team’s effectiveness and quality of execution. Excellent configuration and integration capabilities can serve the requirements of any FMCG sector.


25% deduction in sales staff*

Effectiveness increase

200% grow in number of field force visits*

Execution improvement

94% field tasks complection

Data accuracy

98% guaranteed*

*Data provided by clients

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Best in class in “Social Selling”, “Virtual Calls/Telesales”
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Business Tasks

  1. Consolidation of sales, stock and execution data at the level of an individual point of sale (POS)
  2. Accuracy and quality of shelf data guaranteed with AI Shelf Recognition
  3. Dynamic route planning and optimization based on POS needs, scope of work and available resources
  4. Trade promotion management and Promo Execution automation
  5. Planning of field force scope of work and control in a real time mode
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Functional Components


Sales Representatives






Analytics / Reporting

Sales Representatives

Real-time KPI Dashboard

Instant order processing with direct access to ERP system of distributor

Automated calculation of recommended order

Forecast of promo activities impact on average order

POSM management and inventory

Access to content of presentations

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Real-time KPI dashboard

Pre-defined visit scenario for different types of POS

Easily accessible merchandising standards and guidelines

Configurable call-cards for any type of retail data collection

Integrated AI Shelf Recognition to speed up retail data collection

Promo activation, price monitoring and control of trade marketing activities

Automated reporting after visit completion

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Real-time KPI dashboard

Resource calculation for territory coverage and KPI

Automated route planning and optimization

Configurable scenarios of daily tasks, tagged as must or recommended for execution

Control of field force performance based on dynamic map

Setting of various business tasks on POS level with follow-up actions

Field coaching and territory audit forms

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Plan vs Fact analytics of field structure in a real time mode

KPI monitoring of execution in outlets: Perfect Stores, OOS, share of shelves, etc.

ROI calculation of channel and team activities


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Multiple data sources are properly integrated, and all data is consolidated in one place. A single source of data allows us to manage all areas of our sales department effectively: demand planning, distribution, field operation, customer service, finance, etc.

Roman Dulesov

Sales Director, LARMEA, JDE

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