Distributor Management System

Effective management of distribution: data collection and automated verification of completion and accuracy of secondary sales, territory coverage, detailed sales planning, motivation and KPI fulfillment. Ongoing alignment of tactical actions with strategic business objectives.

Sell-in, sell-out and sales to consumer in one system
Effective management of channels
Territory improvement execution
Accurate, complete and real time data
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Business Tasks

  1. Consolidation of complete and accurate sales data in one system: Sell-In, Sell-Out, Sales to Consumer
  2. 98% data accuracy guaranteed
  3. Base of individual selling points (POS)
  4. Improved insights into range performance and in store pricing
  5. Monitoring and optimization of stock at all levels of the distribution chain
  6. KPI setting and ongoing control of distributors
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Functional Components


Data Management





Data Management

Automated data transfer from distributor’s system

Data verification algorithms with guaranteed 98% accuracy

Complete and correct sell-in, sell-out and stock data from all distributors in one system

Validated universe of individual stores

Sell-Out, Off-Takes consolidation with territory coverage and outlet execution data

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Optimal stock planning and control at all distribution layers

Automated calculation of recommended order for distributors

Sales planning and KPI’s setting for a distributor

Resources planning for effective territory coverage

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Analytics / Reporting

Up-to-date visibility of in-store competitive price set and comparison

Control of OOS at all level of distribution

Real time plan vs fact analytics of sales targets and financial KPI achievement by distributors

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The ability to manage various trade channels represents the main value for our company

Dmitry Borodovitsin

Sales System Development Manager, JDE

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