Business Intelligence Tool

BI Tool converts data into insights on which to base appropriate and timely decision making. Data visualization, interactive dashboarding and KPI scorecards provide users and teams with a single information environment for transparent and effective cooperation.

Standardized functional reports for FMCG
Integral part of SalesWorks Enterprise
Can utilize data from many sources
Integrated with OLAP
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Best in class in “Analytical Insights”
POI 2023 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution

Business Tasks

  1. Track key performance indicators
  2. Bring together all relevant data
  3. Automate analytics
  4. Simplify decision making
  5. Reduce the time and cost of analytics
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Functional Components


Personal Analytics


Team Analytics


Corporate Analytics

Personal Analytics

Daily reports on sales and visits

Tracking of accounts receivables

Analytics on task fulfillment

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Team Analytics

Planning and administration of team members

Analytics of team performance

KPI tracking


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Corporate Analytics

Business analysis of regions, teams, key accounts, etc.

Tracking of key performance indicators: sales, stock, distribution, P&L, etc.

Operation activities: promo, launch of new products, etc.

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The solution provided by SoftServe Business Systems helps us to make the right decision on time, and to develop our business in the right direction.

Sergey Zhuravlev

Sales Operation Project Manager, FrieslandCampina

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