B2B TeleSales

TeleSales is an effective functionality for organizing and remotely working with an outlet without territorial restrictions. Proactive calls to retail outlet employees increases the frequency of orders, minimizes out of stock possibilities and improves the service of the store.

+ 4.8% sales growth*
x2 number of visits per day
38% reduction in cost optimization
Increase in numerical distribution

*Data provided by clients

 POI 2022 Best In RetX Award-FINAL POI Logo

Best in class in “Social Selling”, “Virtual Calls/Telesales”
POI 2022 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution

Business Tasks

  1. Expansion of the area covered
  2. Optimization of sales support costs
  3. Remote working with a retail outlet
  4. Increase in sales
  5. Improved partnerships with retail outlets
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Functional Components


TeleSales Operator


TeleSales Supervisor



TeleSales Operator

Fast and convenient interface for the TS operators’ work

Work scenarios: Planning, Introduction,

Evaluation of the retail outlet, Check of residues / equipment, Promo, Order, Questionnaire

Interaction between the TS operator and the Sales Representative by setting tasks on the retail outlet

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TeleSales Supervisor

Planning and management of operators’ work

Analytics of work, calls and efficiency



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Call Rate – the ratio of calls / visits made to planned

Strike Rate – the ratio of calls with orders to the total number of calls

Call termination reasons

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In 2019 we launched TeleSales. At the moment, it accounts for 12% of the total number of orders. Sales of the retail outlets that use TeleSales are 4.8% higher than sales of outlets where customers order products in person.

Inga Panych

Director of Technology Department, AB InBev EFES

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