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July 15, 2020


Together with our partner, research company GfK Russia, we continue to update the impact of COVID-19 on consumer issues. Thanks to Svetlana Guryeva, Senior Consultant, GfK Russia for the joint webinar and presentation on consumer trends FMCG 2020.
3 KEY CONSUMER TRENDS THAT EMERGED In the period March-April 2020:

  1. Homing – an increase in domestic consumption instead of consumption outside the home, which reached a peak during the period of self-isolation, which caused an increase in FMCG sales turnover during this period (market dynamics increased by 7.3% in terms of value).
  2. The trend for healthy eating has taken a slight downturn, with the negative information on the need to “seize stress”.
  3. A trend of a declining share of promo actions for food products during self-isolation. This was especially true for discounters and E-commerce channels (40%), while the share of promo products for personal hygiene has not changed (40%), but has seen a 36% growth in household chemical goods across all channels.

You can hear a more detailed discussion of FMCG consumer trends in the recording of Svetlana’s speech (in Russian).

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