SoftServe Business Systems is now an official member of the Promotion Optimization Institute

August 6, 2020


Technology Provider is the No.1* factor for successful digital transformation.
When acquiring technology, a business most importantly acquires an IT partner. This is always a strategic decision, where the most important thing is not the product, but the provider. How ready is the provider to develop and introduce new technologies, is it ready to lead the process of digital business transformation for all its clients.
The SoftServe Business Systems team decided to join the authoritative American industry organisation: The Promotion Optimisation Institute, to use the world’s best practices and new technologies in its] products, implementation processes and customer service.
POI conducts an annual survey of 100 global FMCG companies for business needs and urgently needed tasks, analyzes key systems in the Retail Execution and TPx areas, identifies industry trends, moderates the search for new solutions and the exchange of best practice.
* (c) 2018 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION INDEX, Futurum Research

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