Reckitt Benckiser: 30% acceleration of shelf work due to AI Shelf Recognition

December 12, 2020

Shelf visibility and the quality of retail execution affects the purchase decision for most FMCG categories. AI Shelf Recognition technology not only automates data collection, but also allows the monitoring and optimisation of the retail presence in a near real time mode.

AI Shelf Recognition, powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision, makes it possible to analyze the shelf through the lens of buyers. Impeccable recognition quality, BI reporting, and an efficient process guarantees cost optimisation, and improved execution and sales growth.

Our client, Reckitt Benckiser Russia, has successfully utilised the potential of AI Shelf Recognition. Thanks to 95% recognition quality, the tool gives a 30% time saving for the field force. Reckitt Benckiser France also uses AI Shelf Recognition and the company is launching it in other Western European countries.

🎯The functions of AI Shelf Recognition:
1️⃣ Improving the accuracy and efficiency of audit data;
2️⃣ Obtaining accurate shelf information from the field team;
3️⃣ Reducing time for audit;
4️⃣ Collecting data on product displays and pack design;
5️⃣ Improving the efficiency of merchandisers.

🚀Functional components:

  1. Shelf share (faces, cm);
  2. Price monitoring;
  3. Assortment matrix;
  4. Phot os of visit.

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