Essity: Promo in the context of finance

November 13, 2020

Promo budget is one of the largest and fastest growing budget items for FMCG companies. Financiers consider the budget, most importantly as an investment. The pre-evaluation of promo mechanics, a transparent and appropriate process of planning, approval and implementation of promotions, as well as post-evaluation and exchange of best practices will help to implement a better approach to promotions.

We highly recommend the presentation by Natalia Tupitsina, Sales Reporting Manager of Essity, on how the company manages the effectiveness of promotional budgets using PromoTool.

🎯Business functions of PromoTool implementation:
1️⃣ Cost Effectiveness Assessment of promo.
2️⃣ Flexibility in adapting the promo plan and budget.
3️⃣ Consolidation of a promo calendar across channels and networks.
4️⃣ Accounting of promo plans and promo volumes.

🚀The results for the business are::
1️⃣ A holistic system for planning, approving and evaluating the effectiveness of promo actions.
2️⃣ Prompt approval of promo, cost calculation and budget control.
3️⃣ 100% of promotions pass Pre- and Post-Evaluation.
4️⃣ A Shared database with history (Sell In, Sell Out, promo, etc.)

We would like to thank Natalia and Essity for the presentation. Please follow the link to view the Essity case (in Russian).

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