FMCG Cases

Client Reckitt Benckiser England, UK Goals
  1. Holistic sales management system
  2. Automation of routine tasks and increased efficiency of field operations
  3. High-quality data allowing correct and timely decisions by all employees
  4. Optimized structure
Understanding our needs and flexibility in finding solutions to our requirements strengthen our relationship.
Sergey Novoselov Front Line Director, Reckitt Benckiser
02_Apple Thunderbolt Display_and_Pixel 3a - EN
Results for business
+100% growth in number of field force visits
–60% reduction in time spent on logistics
30% reduction in time spent on shelf data collection with Image Recognition
94% of call compliance
DMS Integration of distributors
Supervisor Module
Supervisor Module Calendar of activities, field support
Holistic Sales Digitalization Platform Reckitt Benckiser
SFA Mobile application for sales representatives
BI Tool Analytics, dashboards, insights
IR Online shelf audit

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