FMCG Cases

Client Essity CIS Goals
  1. Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of the promo
  2. Flexibility in adapting the promo plan and budget
  3. Consolidation of the promo calendar in channels and networks
  4. Accounting of promo plans and promo volumes
It’s a very useful tool which helps to track all key metrics of any promo activity.
Natalia Tupitsina Sales Reporting Manager
Case_05 - Apple Thunderbolt Display
Results for business
A holistic system for planning, approving and evaluating the effectiveness of promo
Prompt approval of promo, cost calculation, budget control
100% promo actions pass Pre- and Post-Evaluation
Shared database with history (Sell In, Sell Out, promo, etc.)

Trade Promo Management

  1. Defining strategic priorities
  2. Calculation of P&L promo
  3. Promo Calendar
  4. Building a chain of approvals
  5. Implementation of Promo - data exchange with SFA system


  1. Automatic baseline calculation process
  2. Correction of plans using block volume planning
  3. Plan-fact analysis
  4. Automatic calculation of promotional budgets

Analytics / Reports

  1. Pre- / Post- evaluation
  2. Choosing the best brand, network, time for promo
  3. Library of effective promo actions
  4. Assessment of planning accuracy

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